Tales of Hearts R has been confirmed for localization.

Now, I just have one more thing I wish to ask.



You tell ‘em Raine


You tell ‘em Raine

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★ Urgent Commissions! ★


My commissons have been open for a while, but they are becoming much more needed now that Raleigh is very low on both food and money (I too am running short on cash, but convention season is over). For the time being, all Flash Pixels, Busts, Flats, Shaded, and BGs are buy one, get one half off. If you’re not interested, I would appreciate it if you could please spread this around! Thank you and have a good day!

For complete commission information, go here.

For adoptables, go here.

cinamoncune said: They’re desperate for the fiz. For the peplife.

And some ebooks as well. I’m trying so hard not to laugh as I’m still at work, but this is just oddly funny XDD

Why would you sign up for accounts that you can’t verify. You do not have my email password, so why? XDD

dinogoat said: If you haven’t signed up for anything and you get things like that.. it is most likely if not ALWAYS a Scam/Spam/hurtful stuffs. ignore it :’D

Oh trust me, I am ignoring it, but the funny thing is, this is an actual legitimate email from Pepsi. Crowdtwist helps Pepsi with their PXP promotions.

Someone (or a bot) is using my email to sign up for things, and I don’t know why XDD

I can’t tell if it’s a bot who’s using my commission email to sign me up for random stuff, or if it’s actually a person…

Who are you, mysterious Millk?

I’d like to get a little extra spending money, so I’m holding a commission sale! Check my commissions page for full details.

Email me at askunown@hotmail.com if you are interested, or just drop me an ask if you have a question! :3


Good bye, sweet Softimage. The world is now forcing me to learn Maya/relearn 3DS Max as a result of your soon-to-be demise.

You shall be sorely missed.

You have a nice use of colour, and from what I've seen very creative designs! It's always great to see people stick with their drawing!

Thanks Ian, I appreciate it :3

I still have a lot to work on, but I’ll get there slowly.

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