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Artist: Lugi | tumblr | Twitter




I took it upon myself to do the “redo your friends old art” challenge. Jenna was who I had in mind since I saw it on her dash first but then I remembered her art is like 75% human based wow where is your furry pride man

Anyway, these are her characters Plute and Minute. The original drawing can be found here.

((Btw Jenna I had 4 of your deviations open and couldn’t decide which ones to do. That’s why you chose 1-4. #3 will come if I feel like artting again today.))

Nowwwww I get it XDD

And what’s wrong with humans…?

But it’s cute~ I should do one of yours too ;3

Emergency ;;v;;


;v; Hello, asking for help on a kind of bad situation again ahahah, imsorryikeepdoingthis.

Honestly it’s like, 3 things mostly, ;v; the first one is kinda small and whatnot, not too much to worry about, but the other two have me stressed beyond belief and I could really use some relief OTL.

1.) ;v; I need $20 so I can do some laundry. I’m on my last shirt and last pair of under garments and I could really use some clean clothes up to this point. I haven’t had a chance to hit the laundry in a long time due to my past bills.

2.) Electric bill. I’m not sure if I’m stuck with this bill on my own, but I don’t have the money to pay for it because I have rent coming up and thats more important if I want to keep a roof over my head. ;v; So for that I’m kind of in need of at least $150 at most. The rest of it I can probably pay out of my own pocket. ihopeanyway. I’ll need it by September 5th or my lights’ll be cut off.

3.) I have a student loan of $125 thats gotta be paid this month. ;v; It’s a bill I’ve had to skip out on because of other stuff, and I really don’t want this one to go on for too long, so it’d really help me out if I could pay this one off this month so I don’t have to keep worrying about it and just get it off my back.

So Commissions are open once more! Reference and sketch pages will currently be unavailable at this time. I’m also open to any donations, I’ll try and just accept them this time cuz aaaagh so much stress and at this point any kind of help would be deeply appreciated. So let me know if you’re commissioning me or donating. ahaha ;;v;;. I’ll begin the new commissions on September 3rd!

;v; Thank you very much ahaha, any help would be deeply appreciated!

You can message me here, or on my commission blog! Prices can also be viewed there!

sketchycorner said: Haha, I tried that with one of mine recently. They were so different I couldn’t even call it a “redo”.

I imagine mine will also be drastically different (default photoshop mosaic filter as a background, I am not doing that again), but it’ll still be a “remake” of sorts XDD

I think it’s time for a real progression comparison shot with my artwork. I’m gonna take the first digital drawing I’ve ever done and remake it. Then perhaps I’ll make it a yearly thing to redraw it.


Which Pokemon Type are You?


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Doodling a little Flynn.

Doodling a little Flynn.

Never underestimate my degree of obsession with a new fandom.

My wallet cries every time it happens.




This is why I love Fire Emblem.

What the fuck even are Fire Emblem: Awakening’s characters

dreams and hope

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